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Have you wondered?       What does God want from me?        Why did God make me?        How do I please God?        Questions!     Questions!    Questions!  

We all have questions about our relationship with God, religion, and each other.  To answer the questions we need truth.  We need the Creator of all things to teach us.  Throughout the years, God has spoken to mankind and these words are written down for us in the Bible.  Of all the religions in the world there is only one that teaches that God's Son is God and that His Son died for His people so that they may live.  God did this out of love.  God said that He is love.  

Why did God's only Son, Jesus, have to die?  God's rule is that He will not allow sin in His presence.  Have you ever lied, was disrespectful to your parents, or taken something that wasn't yours? This is disobeying God's law - it's called sin.  Unfortunately, when Adam disobeyed God, he sinned.  We all inherit sin.  We all have sinned.  Because of our sin, we need a Savior to save us from our sin.  Jesus is the only Savior and has told us in His Word that there is no other salvation - the only salvation through Jesus.

There is nothing that we could possibly do good enough to make us acceptable to God.  If we think we can, then we wouldn't have needed Jesus to die for our sins.  Instead, Salvation is a gift from God that requires no works. It requires us to repent from our sins and place our faith in Jesus Christ - the Lord over all and the Savior of His people.

Catholics make up the largest group of Christian religion but don't understand some or all of these truths. By God's grace, New-Light.org gives loving guidance to Biblical truths and resources for a reader to learn about God.. I pray that this website will help you in your understanding of God.  This site was created in love to reach out to all.


   real peace  

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Donations are greatly appreciated but this ministry requires very little and follows the example given by the Apostle Paul when he wrote that he was "not seeking my own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved." 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 33. 

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