Catholic & Evangelical Websites

Catholic & Evangelical Websites


Websites by Former Catholics 

    Proclaiming The Gospel A great resource information and discussion.
This is the best site on the web for Catholic resources. 
ery informative with a vast amount of Biblically based material: tracts, books, videos, etc. 

     Berean Beacon Ministries - A site maintain by a former Catholic Priest who does not attack Catholics 
but presents a loving and honest site with many well written articles.  
Includes a catalog to acquire reference material.

     Former Catholics for Christ - Good information plus the  free to download book by Mary Ann Collins, a former Catholic Nun.

     Good News For Catholics - Has a variety of resources, such as articles, book excerpts, booklets, web links, etc. 

                                                 This site gives a review and excerpts on the latest book by  James G. McCarthy titled Conversations with Catholics.

Additional Catholic Outreach

     A Christian Witness to Roman Catholics - Rob Zin has worked diligently thoughout the years
                                                                 teaching, debating, and evangelizing to Catholics.

     The Highway - Many good articles, links, and testimonials. 

     Christian Resources - Covering church history and theological points.  

Catholic Discussion

     Catholic Blog by "Grace to You" Want to explore and discuss Catholic teaching?

                                                             One of the foremost Bible teacher's of our time, John MacArthur,
                                                             explains the Biblical view on various teachings then open's it up for discussion. 

     Just For Catholics  - A site were a Catholic can present their side as well as reading a clear presentation of Catholic concerns about the Gospel.



Catholic Reference Links  

Official Catholic Document on Salvation - At Vatican website - approved by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2000. 

                                                                   This 21-page document is clear that Salvation is through the Catholic Church only. 

Official Catholic Document on their version of the Ten Commandments - The Vatican website how removed the commandment to not make a "graven image." 

                                                                                                                    (Catholic commandments are under the column titled "A Traditional Catechetical Formula").

Catechism of the Catholic Church -  As big as a Bible, this book according to Catholic Cannon this is considered equal to the Bible in authority.  

                                                         (It is not since the Bible is the only and final authority).  

Catholic Encyclopedia                            Helpful to understand Catholic terminology.  
                                      Definitions are important!  This defines Grace as help by God for "salutary acts"...  A salutary act means a "favorable act." 

                                                         So, Catholic definition of Grace, it is received based on a work one does.  This is opposite of the Biblical definition of Grace (Romans 11:6).

New American Bible                                Catholic Bible - many Catholics Apologist are now preferring the Catholic Douay-Rheims.  

The Vatican                                              Official Vatican website. 

Marian Movement of Priests                Official site for the promotion and edification of Mary's priests.                                 A site devoted to Mary.  



Links of Interest


The Spurgeon Archive      This is the "Link of Links."  This site is entertaining as well as having links and descriptions of sites ranging from the best of Christian links to the worst including non-Christian sites.  

Fox's Book of Martyrs          

Read how the Christian Faith flourished through times of persecution. 

This is an enlightening book written hundreds of years ago and now available on the net.

Particular Chapters that are Catholic related:
  - Chapter 3   - "Papal Persecutions." (Popes ordering persecution for non-Catholics)
  - Chapter 4   - "An Account of the Inquisition ."
  - Chapter 5   - "An Account of the Persecutions in Italy, Under the Papacy."
  - Chapter 6   - "An Account of the Persecutions in Bohemia Under the Papacy."
  - Chapter 17 - "Rise and Progress of the Protestant Religion in Ireland; with an account of the Barbarous Massacre of 1641."  

These particularly sad events are told in detail of extreme brutality by the Catholic Church.