Stories of Those Saved by Grace

Stories of Those Saved by Grace

 notice the common thread....

Title Description
Why I Left The Catholic Church A sincere and well written article on the experience of a former Catholic as well as some points of disagreement with the Catholic Church. (This is a complete copy of the book by Chuck Bethancourt - see Catholic Resources for book info - 29 pages printed via internet.)
Temple Testimonial Husband & Wife Testimonial that has a life saving impact.
(4 pages printed)
Life is Short Testimony by a great team! (2 pages printed)

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A Priest's Story Testimony of devout Catholic priest Richard Bennett.   Sincere & Beautifully written!  Everyone should read this!   (7 printed pages)
Catholics Testimonies A host of testimonies from former priests, nuns, and Catholics - links to
Light and Life in Christ

Testimony of Herman Hegger describing his life in The Monastery (7 printed pages)

The Unsearcheable
Ways of God

Testimony by Mary C. Hertel (formerly Sister Mary Dolora, C.S.J.) (7 printed pages)

God's Word
Needs No Authority Other Than Itself
Testimony of Former Nun : Mary Ann Pakiz.  Excerpt from "The Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories."                  (5 printed pages)
The Dave Sheridan Story How God used Dave's nine-year old daughter to bring the Sheridan family to Christ before Dave's start of his eternal life with Jesus.   (3 printed pages)
Falling In Love Wives Read This!  Husband & Wife Testimonial by Stan Weber that shows us how God works.  Warning: This may be upsetting to non-Christian Marriage Counselor's(3 printed pages)
More Testimonies of God's Grace Proclaiming the Gospel's Testimony Page (about 50 more)
A Jesuit Foundation by Rebecca Sexton.  (2 printed Pages)
A Personal Testimony By John O'Brien.  (2 printed Pages)
A Personal Testimony by David Holmes
Why I Left The Catholic Church David Briggs - His two brothers were priests but God's Grace never fails... (6 printed pages)
Additional Testimony by Joseph C. Malone.

Notice how these testimonials promote the love of the Gospel.   These people have developed a trusting relationship with Jesus.  This doesn't mean that they're perfect people but they've accepted that they can't Save themselves (make things right with God) but that they need God and God will deliver them.  To learn more click: The Gospel

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