Leaving the Catholic Church?

Leaving the Catholic Church?

Leaving the Catholic Church?...

When a person leaves the Catholic Church, they experience:

Discovery – "I didn’t know that…"  As more is learned about God from reading the Bible, there is a discovery of learning.  This is an exciting and fulfilling time – a time that God is really speaking and an experiencing that “the word of God is living and powerful,” Heb 4:12

Church - The church isn’t made of men declared to be holy by its own institution but is made up of persons who are believers in Jesus Christ.  The church is not made of buildings but believers.  Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  1 Cor 6:19

Closeness – God isn’t distant, Jesus is my Lord and my Savior but is also my brother and my friend.  It’s common with Catholics that God feels distant, untouchable, and condemning because they understand God's Holiness without understanding Grace (Holiness separates but Grace shows love and allows for a relationship).  After distancing from the Catholic Church, a relationship with Jesus develops – touching, loving, and tear-filled feelings are overcoming.  God really does love me!

Betrayed – "I trusted them!"  Trust no man – go to the source – His Word.

Anger – They’re lying!   “We don’t go through them!  It’s Jesus only!”

Embarrassment - "I can't believe that I didn't search for myself!"  The Bible was always there but I didn't verify if the Catholic Church was correct.

Pity - "How can I help my friends to have a personal relationship with Jesus?  They're lost and refuse to listen to Truth!"

This range of emotions are common.  If you have left, you've experienced some or all of these.  If you're considering leaving, expect it and pray through it.  The Bible is your guide and please feel welcome to e-mail us.

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