Links to Grow in the Gospel

Links to Grow in the Gospel

Growing in the Gospel?

There are many ministries that will guide you to grow in Gospel.  Is important to grow in Christ.  God will never leave you (Hebrews 13:5) but He wants a relationship with you.  Jesus is not only our Lord and Master, He is our brother (Mark 3:35).

The following are links that have extensive FAQ's, Bible studies, and resources: John MacAuthur - Grace To You Charles Stanley - In Touch Ministries Greg Laurie - Harvest Crusade Kay Authur - Precept Ministries International For Jews & Gentiles (non-jews) alike For Jews & Gentiles (non-jews) alike  Chuck Swindol - Insight for Living Darrel Cline - Biblical Thinking

 Note: The above links have not been requested for endorsement.  has placed the links because of the ability of these ministries to explain, teach, and equip a follower of Christ.

   real peace  

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