Define the Gospel

Defining the Gospel

If I define a rose as a white flower having short pedals circling yellow in the middle, someone else would correctly say, “That is not a rose, you are describing a daisy.”  They would be right, I would be wrong but if I truly believe that a daisy is a rose, then I’d think that I’m right.

Likewise, the Gospel that Jesus taught must be truthful and accurate.  Why is it so important?  A false gospel leads to eternal death.  The true Gospel leads to eternal life. 

We must not get the Gospel wrong!    Eternal Life relies on the understanding of the true Gospel.


The Gospel means "Good News".  So why do we need this "Good News?"  Is it just to make us happy?  Or is it deeper like we need to have this "Good News" because we have all done something that doesn't please God.  What is the "Good News" that Jesus gave us?  How does this "Good News" affect our lives?

Please take time to read, pray and understand so that you will have a solid foundation of Gospel.

   real peace  

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