…the Apostle Peter (also called Cephas John 1:42),
considered by the Catholic Church as the 1st Pope, was married? (1 Cor 9:5)

…the Apostle Peter was corrected by the Apostle Paul. (Gal 2:11-21)
– the Catholic Church teaches that the Pope is infallible on doctrinal matters.

…the Apostles established many independent Christian churches with the head being Jesus Christ. It wasn’t
until the 3rd century that Christian churches agreed to fall under the church located in Rome.
Some Christian churches, such as the Egyptian Coptic church established by Saint Mark in 48 AD,
did not subject to Rome.

…for over 500 years there was not a sacrifice of Jesus at the Mass?

…for over a 1000 years there was not a rosary…,
missing Mass was not a Mortal sin…,
and there was no sale of Indulgences?

…for over 1200 years there was no Transubstantiation…,
there was not a requirement for the confession of sin to a priest?

…for over 1500 years the additional books in the Catholic Bible (Apocrypha) were not Catholic canon…,
the Bible was the only inspired document (Catholic Church canon is taught to be equal to the Bible)?

…for over 1900 years Mary was not a co-redeemer?

…limbo is only a possibility! Since the 418AD, limbo was taught but in 2007 the pope said that it was never “official” so it’s a possibility but also writes there is a stronger belief that infants that died before they were not baptized will go to heaven. This stronger belief is right but for 1,600 years many grieved for their children since limbo was considered on the edge of hell.